The Legacy of Lillian Parker

Dennis E. Hensley
Holly G. Miller

Whitaker House (publisher)

Once a socialite at the top of Detroit society in 1985, Lillian Parker awakens one day to find her father dead, the family mansion on the auction block, and her career as an executive at her father's corporation at an end. With her father accused of embezzlement before his death, Lillian's personal fortune is drained to cover family debts. Without a career, prestige, or money, she is also dropped by her fiancé, Roderick Davis, a conniving, ladder-climbing business attorney. Suddenly an outcast amidst former friends, colleagues, and clients, Lillian takes the advice of her pastor and his wife to leave Michigan and sequester herself in a cabin in Tennessee's Smoky Mountains, where she can read, pray, think, relax, and try to find a new direction for her life. Part of that "new direction" arises in Dave Thompson, a ruggedly handsome, simple-living, former combat soldier now working as a park ranger.

But, if the loss of father and fortune were not great enough shocks for her, Lillian is stunned when she is contacted in secret by the CIA and informed that her brother, Scott Parker, who was declared dead in Vietnam ten years ago, has actually been a POW all these years. Scott is in very poor health, but negotiations are underway to trade him back to the US in exchange for a communist spy in an American prison. Helping to coordinate these negotiations is a lovely and highly skilled undercover agent named Juanita Martinez.

Suddenly discovering that Lillian Parker may be eligible for a sizable inheritance from her "dead" brother's military service, Roderick Davis goes all-out to find where Lillian has fled so that he can rekindle their relationship, marry her, take her inheritance, and then leverage it into a stock maneuver that could make him millions. Complications ensue, however, when he arrives in the Smoky Mountains and discovers he has a rival in the form of Dave Thompson. Switching his interests to a local beauty, Catherine "Cat" Compton, Roderick causes love triangles to overlap, business ventures to become crisscrossed, and espionage plots to surprise everyone.

Here is a page-turner of romance, mystery, adventure, and suspense. Get ready for a fast ride.

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