Nashville Nights

Dennis E. Hensley
Holly G. Miller

Whitaker House (publisher)

Catherine "Cat" Compton is jilted before she even gets to the altar by her former fiancé Roderick Davis. He rushes back to new business deals in Michigan and leaves Cat to fend for herself in Nashville. Too prideful to go begging to her parents for support funds, yet not having the capital to proceed with plans to open a law office, Cat presents herself to a business acquaintance of her father's, Drew Sanders. Knowing Drew is a highly successful manager of some of the top country music artists in Nashville, and that he is planning to run for a U.S. Senate seat from Tennessee, Cat bullies herself onto his campaign staff. Her flair for the dramatic rubs other campaign workers the wrong way, yet her ability to gain publicity for the Sanders campaign is undeniable.

All goes well until a new rival of Drew's arrives in town flush with syndicate funds. Nick Ingresano begins to erode Drew's roster of A-list clients by wooing them with promises of better paying record deals and higher visibility bookings on television and concert venues. One particular client, Mandy Lynn, is blackmailed into leaving Drew's company and joining with Ingresano's organization. Drew weighs in strongly at that point and faces life-threatening challenges as Ingresano's thugs target him and his son Todd. Cat realizes her loyalty to Drew may not be motivated just by her admiration of his ethics and worthy goals but also by unexpected feelings of love. Dare she share her feelings with him? Dare she risk her own life in the pending showdowns with Ingresano's henchmen?

This exciting sequel to The Legacy of Lillian Parker offers a maelstrom of music, romance, business, suspense, fashion, politics, and entertainment. Hang on tight!

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