The Caribbean Conspiracy

Dennis E. Hensley
Holly G. Miller

Whitaker House (publisher)

In late 1986 Lillian Parker becomes convinced by her new friend Catherine "Cat" Compton that she must leave Tennessee and return to Detroit to fight to regain her family fortune, now believed to have been stolen from her by stock manipulators. Cat promises to go with her as part of her team of lawyers. One important factor in the trial would be the surprise appearance of Lillian's brother, Scott Parker, who was declared killed in action in the Vietnam War ten years earlier. In reality, Scott had been a POW all that time and only recently has been rescued by the CIA. However, because he was supposed to have been assassinated after being traded for a Russian spy, he must remain hidden. His sweetheart, Juanita Martinez, was the operative who was supposed to have killed him. She is now back working undercover in a foreign country. If Scott comes out of hiding to claim his rightful inheritance of the company stock, it will compromise Juanita and put her life in danger. If he does not come forward, Lillian will lose the case and any chance of redeeming her late father's good name, let alone reclaiming their stolen family fortune.

The Caribbean Conspiracy, the fast-paced sequel to The Legacy of Lillian Parker and Nashville Nights, provides courtroom battles, intense love relationships, combat rescue adventures, and spiritual challenges. This is the dramatic series climax you've been waiting for!

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