The Parker Family Chronicles (3 Books in 1)

Dennis E. Hensley
Holly G. Miller

Whitaker House (publisher)

The Parker Family Chronicles is a three-book fiction series that takes readers on a page-turning ride stretching from corporate board rooms to music industry studios to the Russian Embassy in Havana, Cuba.

The Legacy of Lillian Parker – A riches to rags to romance saga of the Lillian Parker, who goes into hiding in the Smoky Mountains after her family’s fortune is stolen away by backhanded boardroom dealings. She must fight to regain what’s hers while also helping her long-lost brother get out of a Cuban prison. In the process, her life is turned upside down by park ranger Dave Thompson, the ruggedly handsome, simple-living former combat soldier.

Nashville Nights – After being jilted at the altar, Cat Compton fends for herself in Nashville, where she quickly becomes ensconced in the wheeling and dealing of both politics and the cutthroat county music industry. She also finds love along the way.

The Caribbean Conspiracy – Lillian Parker’s brother, Scott, was a former Vietnam POW rescued from Cuba by the CIA. He was supposedly assassinated by Juanita Martinez, a Cuban operative whom he fell in love with. If Scott comes forward to help Lillian reclaim her family’s inheritance, Juanita’s life will be in danger. If he remains in hiding, Lillian could lose any chance at her fortune and redeeming her family’s good name.

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