God and America's Leaders

A Collection of Quotations by America's Presidents and Founding Fathers on God and Religion

Brad O'Leary

WND Books (publisher)

Were our Founding Fathers men of faith? This book puts the argument to rest ONCE AND FOR ALL. God and America's Leaders is an all-encompassing and expertly sourced collection of quotations by our Founding Fathers and past Presidents on matters of God and religion. Compiled by bestselling author and top political strategist Brad O'Leary, this invaluable resource leaves no doubt as to the religious nature of America's Founders. The words in this book should serve as intellectual and historical ammunition to document and defend America's Judeo Christian heritage, writes O'Leary in the Foreward. Though secular-humanist forces may try to expunge God from our daily lives, they can never rewrite history. Amen!

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