Disentangling Genius

Unravel the Seven Knots of Frustration So You Can Align Desire with Creative Expression

Gill Scott

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MAKE FRIENDS WITH FRUSTRATION BY DISENTANGLING YOUR GENIUS WITHIN Did you ever awake to realize you're frustrated or confused? Your desires tangled and choked? Could you use help finding specific fulfillment? You can find your true self, your "genius" within and start to live the life that was always intended. Engaging with this book is both a brave and creative act. Prepare to be untangled. You'll be taken into the imaginary studio of your mind to meet, master and unravel the Seven Knots of Frustration. This is your seven step guide to aligning desire with expression. You'll escape personal frustration through contemplative reflections, coaching prompts and strategic questions. Author, coach and fellow creative, Gill Scott has laid a trail of hope for those who feel utterly constrained. With an imaginative style, she weaves philosophical comment and a fantasy treatment of historical and contemporary genius characters who have already become untangled. Colorful in imagery, richly inspiring and entirely practical in her approach, Gill is gifted at guiding the frustrated creative. You'll soon discover the truth-you are a masterpiece waiting to be revealed. Unravel the Seven Knots of Frustration and Align Desire with Creative Expression. FOREWORD By Kary Oberbrunner "You'll see in the pages that follow the proof of (Gill's) pilgrimage. You'll encounter a brilliant plan laid out for all the geniuses in the room. And in case you're wondering about the intelligent person I'm referring to-that would be you." Endorsement "Disentangling Genius delves into the human condition in a uniquely profound way. Gill Scott reveals our behavioural patterns and then offers practical solutions to aid in our transformation." -Dave Gilpin, Founder and Senior Pastor of Hope City Church, UK

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