After Oil

Kingdom of Walden Book One

Kristan Cannon

KCEditions (publisher)

The residents of the small town of Whitefish were always used to feeling forgotten and digging their own way out of the snow. As one of the coldest winters on record closes in around them their fuel finally runs out and civilization crumbles, Derek, Sheridan and Garrett realize that it’s not just the snow they need to dig their way out of.

Garrett is the site manager at the nearby hydro-electric dam – the one thing which might help Whitefish make it through the unforgiving winter. Stranded on site with limited resources, he must fight to keep the dam working while dealing with a team desperate to survive.

Derek, safe on Sheridan’s ranch, is certain that the only way to keep their sanctuary alive for the remainder of the winter, is through solar power. Needing answers, Derek leaves the ranch to seek out Garrett, only to discover that nearby Naughton, a town where residents used to leave their doors unlocked, has become a dangerous place. Neighbours he once knew are taking advantage of the situation, and Derek discovers that in order to help himself, he needs to help others first.

Sheridan is used to chaos in a busy ER. There she thought she saw the best and worst of humanity. Although the confines of her ranch allow for everyone to pull together, Sheridan soon finds that it’s not just her family she must lead through this time of need, but a nation struggling to deal with the new way of life.

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