Called to Greatness

31 Devotions to Ignite the Faith of Fathers and Sons

Dan Britton
Jimmy Page

Broadstreet Publishing (publisher)

Fathers, notice your sons. Listen to them. Guide them. Encourage them. You have an opportunity to reflect the heart of your heavenly Father on their path to significance. Sons, honor your father. Love him. Learn from him. Walk with him. You have an opportunity to really know him and grow into everything God desires you to be. The father and son bond makes a difference that can direct the course of your lives. You need each other to be your best. Called to Greatness is a powerful tool to ignite the faith of fathers and sons by intentionally bringing them together every day for thirty-one days. In one month, God can do miraculous things to develop, repair, and mature your relationship. YOU WILL DIVE INTO TOPICS LIKE... Loving unconditionally Walking in integrity Making a difference Living a life of significance Pursuing purity Being great in the eyes of God Called to Greatness invites and empowers fathers and sons to become great men who humbly and faithfully serve a great God.

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