Crack the Customer Mind Code

Seven Pathways from Head to Heart to Yes!

Gary Hennerberg

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Crack the Customer Mind Code is destined to upend how you approach marketing, advertising, and selling. Even as customer attitudes have shifted during this new century due to technology, the economy, and emotionally draining negative news, the way in which the human mind processes information remains constant.
Marketing and sales messages often fall short because they are not aligned with how the mind naturally processes information and makes decisions. In Crack the Customer Mind Code, veteran marketer Gary Hennerberg reveals seven pathways through the mind and lays out how to align marketing messaging with the various ways people think. Discover how you can:
1. Identify and create the personas of your core customer segments. The twelve most observed personas are detailed for immediate adaptation.
2. Stimulate emotion through fear, uncertainty, and doubt.
3. Calm the mind with your solution to enable clearer thinking.
4. Properly position, or reposition, your product or organization to initiate new short-term memory.
5. Use storytelling to deepen the new memory and convert it to long-term memory.
6. Logically interpret your sales presentation offer and create a compelling conclusion.
7. Persuade and lead your prospects to a sense of self-permission to buy.
Overlaying these proven concepts onto each of the twelve defined personas, Hennerberg shows you how to powerfully transform marketing campaigns that move prospects to action.
Once your message and personas are aligned, you now are equipped to solve the puzzle of getting your prospective customers to YES!

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