Health On Demand

Insider Tips to Prevent Illness and Optimize Your Care in the Digital Age of Medicine

Ramesh Subramani

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Health On Demand" will help you take control of your health. Whether you have a chronic medical condition, have aging parents, or just want to learn the latest technologies to stay fit, the book provides a recipe for getting faster, better, smarter, and lower cost healthcare! Written for everyday folks by a leading expert on how to transform health in America, ‘Health On Demand’ outlines over 200 innovative websites, apps, smart devices, diagnostics, and online services that will allow you to prevent illness, optimize your care, and most importantly clarify what to do next. In fact, most of what you will learn, your doctor won’t even know! Think about it---how frustrating is it to wait to see your doctor or a specialist? Are you confused by deductibles, copays, and co-insurance? Are you anxious that you will get diabetes or heart disease because your parents have it? Are you planning a pregnancy and want to have a clear health path for you and your baby? What if you knew how to pre-empt disease before it happens so you can avoid heart disease, diabetes, or any other conditions? What if you could do all this without going to med school! Since 1996, Dr. Ramesh Subramani has been passionate about transforming healthcare and empowering patients. To learn about healthcare from a broader perspective, he left an academic medical practice to jump into consulting for the biggest healthcare companies and into technology investing to foster the next generation of innovations. He is currently the Chief Medical Officer for one of the largest telehealth companies in the US and intimately knows about how to use new technologies to empower patients.

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