Converging Lives

Samantha Beardon

Friendship. Love. Lust. Jealousy. Intrigue. Titillating text conversations.

Ever wondered about having a flirtation or an affair on line? Peek into the lives of people who are.

Rick Anson likes to play games on line ,as he chats laughs, and flirts and where possible becomes intimate with his opponents. Rick considers it fantasy, a way to have fun without physically straying. Drawn from parallels in the real world, the action follows the various relationships both on and off the cyber scene.

See friendship flirtation and fun, through to full Intimacy develop.
Read the texts see the results.

Will Rick lose his heart?
Is it possible to truly fall in love a cyber relationship?
Is sex texting sexually and emotionally satisfying?
Can Rick juggle several cyber relationships?
Will other human emotions arise and rock Rick's idyllic cyber world?
Read to find out.

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