The Jesus Fractal

Seven Dimensions of Faith

Elizabeth Frykberg

Elevate Publishing (publisher)

With breathtaking sweep and insight, Rev. Frykberg reveals the genius of divine creation, human community, and a strategy for progress in personal character. This book will not just fascinate you. It will change you for the good.
Dan Meyer
Senior Pastor, Christ Church of Oak Brook
Author of Witness Essentials and Leadership Essentials
Humankind created in God’s image replicates the pattern of love and oneness in which the Trinity exists. But humans in time distort the pattern. In loving response, God sends Jesus to show us what a life of love looks like revealing the relational pattern by which it may be restored in us. This relational pattern is what Dr. Frykberg calls The Jesus Fractal, a uniquely fresh perspective on individual, spiritual growth and the Spirit of Christ working to recreate us in the image of God.
Dr. Frykberg presents the seven dimensions of The Jesus Fractal with biblical foundation, personal applications, cross cultural implications for ministry, contemporary illustrations and engaging stories that will edify and challenge both the babe in Christ and the experienced spiritual guide. The seven dimensions are:
Hearing and Experiencing the Word of GodFollowing in CommunityDesiring to Do God’s WillBeing Humbled in FaithGraced by God’s LoveEmpowered in the SpiritSent into the World

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