Diary of a Rich Man's Kid

Old Hollywood, World Leaders, Movers & Shakers, and One Boy at the Center of It All!

Charles C. Pettijohn Jr.

Beaufort Books (publisher)

Charles C. Pettijohn, Jr. has met the notable and the notorious, the famous and the infamous. From a childhood surrounded by the stars of Old Hollywood to a career in the golden age of television and film, he has seen it all. Introduced by his daughter, Adrienne, Charles shares personal stories of life among American royalty in this intimate and folksy memoir. Frank and uncensored, Diary of a Rich Man's Kid shows the real side of many larger-than-life figures. Entertainment notables like Carol Burnett, Burt Reynolds, and Red Skelton make appearances as well as world leaders like Franklin D. Roosevelt and John Kennedy. Diary of a Rich Man's Kid presents a funny and heartwarming peek inside a bygone era.

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