Glimpses of Heaven

True Stories of Hope and Peace at the End of Life's Journey

Trudy RN Harris
Harris, Trudy RN

Baker Publishing Group (publisher)

Trudy Harris began her career with Hospice in 1981, eventually becoming the president of the Hospice Foundation for Caring. This collection of more than forty true stories of Harris's patients offers readers an incredible glimpse at what lies beyond and what the living can learn from the dying. Her patients have described to her visions of angels and loved ones who have gone on before, the sounds of ethereal music, colors that did not exist on earth. She has been with hundreds of patients as they took their last breaths and knows the kinds of questions that both the dying and the loved ones they are leaving behind ask. • What do you say to a loved one who is dying? • What happens when we die? • How can you make a dying friend feel safe? • Does a dying person really see angels, hear music, or see friends and family members who have already died? Tender, heartbreaking, and eye-opening, this New York Times bestseller offers a window into the world beyond and life after death.

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