Desperate Women of the Bible

Lessons on Passion from the Gospels

Jo Kadlecek
Kadlecek, Jo

Baker Publishing Group (publisher)

If the Bible can be thought of as the grand story of God, many of its main characters are passionate and even desperate men and women. Jo Kadlecek introduces us to eight biblical women driven by their passion and desperation to seek out Jesus. She explores their stories in their cultural context, then draws out the lessons they hold for contemporary readers who are willing to let an encounter with Jesus change their lives. In studying these eight characters, readers will find new insights into the central character of God's great story--Jesus--and how he can transform their desperation and their passions and bring their lives new hope.LIST OF WOMEN AND BIBLICAL REFERENCES:Samaritan Woman, John 4: 1-42Crippled Woman Healed on the Sabbath, Luke 13:10-17The Widow (Who Makes an Offering), Mark 12:35-44A Dead Girl and a Sick Woman, Mark 5:21-43A Widow (Who's Son is Raised by Jesus), Luke 7:11-17A Sinful Woman (Who Jesus Annoints), Luke 7:36-50A Syrophoenician Woman, Mark 7:24-30A Canaanite Woman, Matthew 15:21-29

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