Forgotten Trials of the Holocaust

Frank M. Tuerkheimer
Michael J. Bazyler

NYU Press (publisher)

In the wake of the Second World War, how were the Allies to
respond to the enormous crime of the Holocaust? Even in an ideal world, it
would have been impossible to bring all the perpetrators to trial.
Nevertheless, an attempt was made to prosecute some. 
This book uncovers ten “forgotten trials” of the Holocaust,
selected from the many Nazi trials that have taken place over the course of the
last seven decades. It showcases how perpetrators of the Holocaust were dealt
with in courtrooms around the world, revealing how different
legal systems responded to the horrors of the Holocaust. The book provides a
graphic picture of the genocidal campaign against the Jews through eyewitness
testimony and incriminating documents and traces how the public memory of the
Holocaust was formed over time.


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