Through Her Eyes

Bible Studies on Women in Scripture

Deborah Spink Winters

Judson Press (publisher)

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Are the ancient women of the Bible relevant today? Yes! Stories of women in the Bible such as Rahab and Ruth, Hannah and Huldah are familiar to most, but what makes these stories significant and relevant today is the ability to take their experiences and apply them to our own situations and personal stories to discover God’s presence both then and now. Through Her Eyes: Bible Studies on Women in Scripture does just that.

Born in a seminary class, the concept for Through Her Eyes comes from coursework at Palmer Theological Seminary where professor Deborah Spink Winters and nineteen of her students embarked on a journey to discover the impact ancient women’s stories had on their lives and ministries.

As a result of their experience, readers will find faith anew through the perspectives of 20 biblical women of the Old and New Testaments coupled with personal faith stories from the diverse set of contributors who interact with the characters.

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