Telling Yourself the Truth

William Backus
Marie Chapian
Backus, William
Chapian, Marie

Baker Publishing Group (publisher)

Most of What Happens in Your Life Happens Because of the Way You Think.Wrong thinking produces wrong emotions, wrong reactions, wrong behavior--and unhappiness! Learning to deal with your thoughts is the first step on the road to healthy thinking.How to handle one's thoughts properly is what this book is all about! It explains the life-changing method the authors call Misbelief Therapy, and it can work for you--In your homeIn your own circumstancesIn your own problemsIn your own adverse environmentIn your own thinkingBased on the Bible, this book has helped thousands of people for many years, and it can help you!Telling Yourself the Truth can show you how to identify your own misbeliefs and replace them with the truth.Also available: the corresponding Telling Yourself the Truth study guide.Winner of the Gold Book Award (500,000 copies sold),Winner of the Gold Medallion Award (ECPA), which recognizes excellence in evangelical Christian literature

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