Coco’s Gambit

A Novel

Peter T Treadway

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Murder, sex, and money intersect in this Southeast Asian thriller as Coco executes a strategy to get back an embarrassing painting, avoid being murdered by her enemy, and become really rich in the process.
Ian Blakely, aged fifty-nine, a Singapore-based American expat and billionaire hedge fund manager, buys a painting of a near-nude Chinese girl. The painting until then had not been available to the public, and Ian has no idea who the model is. Ten years after posing for the painting, the girl, Coco, aged thirty, a Brown Phi Beta Kappa, a former Wall Streeter, but also somewhat of a fashionista, is now the respectable wife of the much older former head of the Army of Myanmar. The painting’s existence is a threat, and Coco wants it back. Coco starts by getting Ian to invest in a natural gas project in Myanmar that she is involved with. Once he is an investor, getting the painting back from Ian will be easy—and pleasurable. But along the way Coco will have to confront family intrigue, attempts to poison her and survive a jungle gunfight with a Major from the Myanmar army. Along the way, her elderly husband dies from a stroke, and she initiates a torrid relationship with Ian.
Ian, who thought investing in a gas project in Myanmar was risky enough, finds himself drawn into Coco’s world of Myanmar intrigue and danger. To make matters worse, the American tax authorities are threatening him with rendition back to the United States.

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