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Damian Garcia: PhD Drug Smuggler ~ Book 1 ~

~ Opium ~ Hashish ~Money Laundering~

Chris Mosquera

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In 1972, Damian Garcia is a streetwise kid turned PhD student. He grew up hard in the slums of New York City. His draft number is low, meaning he could be called upon to die or kill in Vietnam. As a peace-loving vegetarian, Damian is ready to move to Canada—until he finds a better way: doctoral degree in art history. He learns the importance of image. After all, who would suspect a PhD student of being a global drug smuggler and money launderer?

Damian’s business plan focuses a new combination of opium and hashish that his fellow students brand O/H. They work together and trust each other. They don’t sell on the streets, instead targeting other students, doctors, lawyers—people the cops would never expect to be using. They make millions, and no one suspects a thing.

They are not gangsters; they use brains instead of brawn, as modeled by their leader, Damian Garcia. They are honest drug smugglers, investing their vast profits in helping the poor and those in need. Only students directly involved ever know about the covert business, but together they form a family, loyal and loving through and beyond graduation day.

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Excellent book about smuggling drugs and money laundering

Written on Dec 27, 2016

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