A True Story of Tyranny, Liberty and Purpose

Paul Dragu
Mark Hobafcovich

Elevate Publishing (publisher)

"Defector is a riveting story of heroism, redemption, and finding freedom against all odds. Hobafcovich’s harrowing journey from Communist Romania to present-day America will captivate your attention and lift your spirit by turns. This book is a refreshing read about God’s grace that will leave readers inspired to follow the stirrings of their own hearts.”
Jonathan Merritt
Senior columnist for Religion News Service
Author of Jesus is Better Than You Imagined
Mark Hobafcovich’s exodus from political and religious repression to freedom did not end with his crossing into Yugoslavia, his flight to Australia, or even his settling in the United States. He found true freedom in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and has since embraced his calling to bring others out of darkness and into that Light. His rare and dogged resolve is sure to invigorate the flagging faith and prod the sleepy gratitude of those living on the greener side of the fence.

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