Getting to Know the Holy Spirit

Mahesh Chavda
Bonnie Chavda
Chavda, Mahesh
Chavda, Bonnie

Baker Publishing Group (publisher)

Christians have many ways to define their relationships with God; as Father, Savior, King, Comforter, or Healer, to name a few. Yet despite these numerous titles, believers often fail to see God in one of the most important roles in their lives: as Friend.Respected international evangelists Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda show believers everywhere how to develop a close, personal friendship with God through the Holy Spirit. Through inspiring testimonies and sound biblical teaching, readers will learn how to • recognize and listen to the Spirit's voice and promptings• receive words of knowledge from the Holy Spirit• communicate with the Spirit• move in the anointing and power of the Holy SpiritBelievers will walk away refreshed and full in spirit as they begin this life-changing friendship.

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