The Renegade Pastor

Abandoning Average in Your Life and Ministry

Nelson Searcy
Jennifer Dykes Henson
Searcy, Nelson
Dykes Henson, Jennifer

Baker Publishing Group (publisher)

Break out of the trap of average and pursue God's best for your ministry. The average church in America is declining by 9% every year, is behind on budget, and is unable to move forward with the kingdom plans God has in store. The average pastor is stressed out and struggling to maintain healthy relationships and life balance. But while the cycle of average is strong, there is a way to overcome its pull and step into a life of impact and excellence. Drawing from Nelson Searcy's decades of ministry experience, The Renegade Pastor is a relevant, step-by-step resource for church leaders who are ready to step up in surrender to the pursuit of God's best for his or her life and work. Addresses issues of personal and professional growth including: -Managing Stress-Controlling Emotions-Dealing with Criticism-Setting Godly Goals-Planning with Purpose-Establishing Healthy Friendships-Developing Strong Church Systems-Personally Honoring the Sabbath-Becoming a Better Spouse and Parent

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