Hacking Assessment

10 Ways To Go Gradeless In a Traditional Grades School

Starr Sackstein

Times 10 Publications (publisher)

"Anyone interested in assessment can learn from this book" -Daniel McCabe, assistant principal and blogger

"Hacking Assessment is a must read for any educator consideringthe possibilities of throwing out the grades and hacking the way we have always assessed our learners" -Tony Sinanis, author and former principal of the year

"The beauty of the book is that it is not an empty argument against grades-but rather filled with valuable alternatives that are practical and will help to refocus the classroom on what matters most"- Adam Bellow, Founder of Edu Clipper, and Edcamp Foundation Board Member

"In this book Starr Sackstein challenges the traditional paradigm of grading with lots of practical advice about how to provide and utilize descriptive feedback instead of relying on the symbolic and very limiting representation provided by grades. The book, however, is much more than that because it is an extremely valuable primer about how to make students reflective learners who take charge of their own learning." - Ken O'Connor, author and assessment expert

"Grades are a crude and ineffective tool to convey what matters most in a student's development. Hacking Assessment, Starr Sackstein's report of her courageous, thoughtful and illuminating effort to design a better approach to assessment is a terrific read for educators who worry about the values that a single letter or number grade can convey." --Angela Maiers, Author/International speaker

In Hacking Assessment: 10 Ways to Go Gradeless in a Traditional Grades School, award-winning teacher and world-renowned assessment expert Starr Sackstein unravels one of education's oldest mysteries: how to assess learning without grades -- even in a school that uses numbers, letters, GPAs, and report cards. While many educators can only muse about the possibility of a world without grades, teachers like Sackstein are reimagining education. In this unique, eagerly-anticipated book, Sackstein shows you exactly how to create a remarkable no-grades classroom like hers, a vibrant place where students grow, share, thrive, and become independent learners who never ask, "What's this worth?"
Now, teachers, administrators, parents and students can learn what effective assessment really looks like. Summative assessment is typically an end-of-unit exam or standardized test, but what is formative assessment? Many teachers struggle with the concept. Hacking Assessment not only explains what formative assessment is, it provides blueprints for implementation and examples from educators around the world, who use this strategy successfully every day.

Read It and You Can Take These Actions Immediately:

Shift everyone's mindset away from grades

Track student progress without a grade book

Communicate learning to all stakeholders in real time

Maximize time while providing meaningful feedback

Teach students to reflect and "self-grade"

Deliver feedback in a digital world

Create e-portfolios and cloud-based learning archives

Inspire Students to share their work openly

Hacking Assessment won't bore you with outdated research or unrealistic strategies. In her captivating, conversational style, Sackstein provides practical ideas woven into a user-friendly success guide with actionable steps for creating an amazing conversation about learning that does not require a traditional grade. Grabb Hacking Assessment now and revolutionize teaching and learning tomorrow!

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