How to Read the Bible in Changing Times

Understanding and Applying God's Word Today

Mark L. Strauss
Strauss, Mark L.

Baker Publishing Group (publisher)

Many find it difficult to take words that were written thousands of years ago and apply them to twenty-first-century life in the Western world. How do we read God's unchanging Word in a world that is increasingly defined by change?How to Read the Bible in Changing Times shows everyday Christians how to interpret and apply the Scriptures regardless of time and culture. Rather than seeing the Bible as a magic answer book, a list of commands to obey, or a series of promises to claim, this insightful book allows the Bible to retain its identity as a complex, inspired document while showing that the truth it contains is relevant and life-changing. It shows the reader how todetermine the meaning of the text in its original contextidentify culturally relative featuresunderstand what the text teaches about God, his will, and his purposesapply the truths discovered to contemporary life situationsIt even shows readers how to discern God's will on the many modern issues that the Bible does not directly address.

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