Make Writing

5 Teaching Strategies That Turn Writer's Workshop Into a Maker Space

Angela Stockman

Times 10 Publications (publisher)

What happens when creative writing meets the maker space?

Easy! Writing and making collide, revealing the genius inside of even the most reluctant writers.

In Make Writing, teacher, author, writing coach, Angela Stockman, turns teaching strategies and practice upside down. She spills you out of your chair, shreds your lined paper, and launches you and your writer's workshop into the maker space! Who even knew this was possible? In classic Hack Learning style, Stockman provides five right-now writing strategies that reinvent instruction and inspire both young and adult writers to express ideas with tools and in ways that have rarely, if ever, been considered.

Combining Making and Writing

Many schools are converting classrooms to maker spaces--vibrant places where students demonstrate learning by constructing things, applying newly-learned skills and concepts. With inspired creativity and ingenuity, Stockman shows you how to bring modern maker moves into your writer's workshop, giving birth to a new environment that rockets writers to places that were previously unimaginable. Make Writing is a fast-paced journey inside Stockman's Young Writer's Studio, alongside students who learn how to write and how to make, employing Stockman's unique teaching methods.

Learn How to Enrich Writing Skills by Coaching Maker Moves:

Shake them out of their seats
Play through the process
Tinker with text
Draft bit by bit
Make words moveable and mixable
Connect to real audiences
Hack the writing process and repurpose your tools
Inspire Creative Writing by Remaking Your Space and Rethinking Your Place

Redesign your classroom environment incrementally and economically
Embrace empty spaces and interactive boards and charts
Make writing a physical, collaborative endeavor
Design with gaming in mind
Coach creative theft
Host an exhibition
Unearth your own best teaching methods
Reimagine writers workshop

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