Hacking the Common Core

10 Strategies for Amazing Learning in a Standardized World

Michael Fisher

Times 10 Publications (publisher)

There Is Nothing Common About This Common Core Book

It's finally here: a book that unravels the Common Core State Standards, exposes the myths, and shows educators and parents exactly how to bring back the fun to teaching and learning--even in a standardized world.

In Hacking the Common Core, longtime teacher and CCSS specialist Michael Fisher reveals 10 amazing hacks for teaching the Core in all subjects.

The Common Core Is Not Evil, but. . .

Fisher explains how the CCSS are not evil, while demonstrating their limitations, particularly when teachers trust a vendor product over their own professionalism. Getting to the CORE of contemporary instructional practice and undoing the mass hysteria following the Common Core implementation are both the heart of this book.

What All Education Stakeholders Will Learn

How to bring literature back to the classroom
The truth about close reading
What the instructional shifts really mean for instructional design
Why we must ditch “Rigor” in favor of “Vigor”
How to fix vocabulary with "Morecabulary"
How to upgrade the verb
The problem with the one-size-fits-all mentality
Why parents need to understand the Common Core
Change How You Teach

Hacking the Common Core is the book that every teacher who feels handcuffed by standards and testing has been waiting for. It's time to take back your class, engage all learners, and be amazing for your students.

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