Dog Tales & Pup Parables

31 Devotions for a Dog Lover's Heart

DeCaster, Janet
Janet DeCaster
Janet DeCaster Perrin

Broadstreet Publishing (publisher)

Dogs demonstrate God’s unconditional love. No matter what kind of day you have had, your dog welcomes you with a wagging tail and happy eyes. These faithful pets remind us that we are loved. Jesus used simple stories to communicate deep spiritual truths. In Dog Tales and Pup Parables, Janet DeCaster shares delightful stories from everyday experiences with dogs to help biblical concepts come alive for spiritual growth. Enjoy 31 devotional chapters that illustrate lessons in: God’s love and acceptancePersistent prayerProtection through God’s WordGuidance of the Holy SpiritHope after lossSpiritual trainingDe-stressingGod’s comforting careAnd much moreEach chapter also includes thematic Scripture verses for that day’s lesson, prayers of faith, and reflections for journaling and discussion. These unforgettable tales will help you to grow in your walk with Jesus and remember how much God cares for you.   

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