7 Truths That Changed the World (Reasons to Believe)

Discovering Christianity's Most Dangerous Ideas

Kenneth R. Samples
Samples, Kenneth R.

Baker Publishing Group (publisher)

Ideas have consequences, sometimes far-reaching and world-changing. The Christian faith contains many volatile truths that challenged--and continue to challenge--the cultural and religious status quo of the world. This biblical, historical, and philosophical exploration of some of Christianity's most transformational ideas offers a unique look at how the world changed when Christ and his followers came on the scene. These ideas includethe resurrectionJesus as God incarnatecreation out of nothingthe compatibility of faith and reasonjustification by grace through faithhumankind in God's imagethe greater good of sufferingPastors, students, and thoughtful Christians will be strengthened to face contemporary challenges to these truths and will find the confidence to impact their world for Christ.

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