Tengan un nuevo adolescente para el viernes

De respondón y malhumorado a respetuoso y responsable en solo 5 días

Dr. Kevin Leman
Leman, Dr. Kevin

Baker Publishing Group (publisher)

Parents may survive the terrible twos, but the teenage years bring entirely new and alien creatures. So, parents have a choice: either send that teenager to boarding school and visit him when he reaches normalcy again (in about ten years), or experience the best, most fun years of life--together! The secret is in how the parental cards are played.With his signature wit and commonsense psychology, internationally recognized family expert and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Kevin Leman now helps Spanish-speaking parentscommunicate with the "whatever" generationestablish healthy boundaries and workable guidelinesgain respect--even admiration--from their teenagerturn selfish behavior aroundnavigate the critical years with confidencepack their teenager's bags with what he or she needs for life now and in the futurebecome the major difference-maker in their teenager's lifeTeenagers can successfully face the many temptations of adolescence and grow up to be great adults. And parents, Dr. Leman says, are the ones who can make all the difference, because they count far more in their teenager's life than they'll ever know . . . even if their teenager won't admit it (at least until she's in college and wants to know how to do laundry).

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