Secret Believers

What Happens When Muslims Believe in Christ

Brother Andrew
Al Janssen
Brother Andrew (Corporate)
Janssen, Al

Baker Publishing Group (publisher)

In his letter to his protégé, Timothy, Paul says, "I have fought the good fight." In Arabic, those last three words are translated jihad. In Secret Believers, readers are introduced to Brother Andrew's protégé in the Muslim world, Butros. In this riveting true story of the Middle Eastern Church struggling to come to grips with hostile governments, terrorist acts, and an influx of Muslims coming to Christ, readers will meet a group of men and women they never knew existed. The names and places have been changed to protect the real people in the real places. But the stories are true.In his most incredible and eye-opening book to date, Brother Andrew invites you to meet: • Ahmed, a young Muslim terrified by nightmares until he is introduced to Isa (Jesus) • Mustafa, a former leader in a fundamentalist Muslim movement that persecuted Christians • Salima, a privileged young Muslim woman who is held captive by her family when they find a Bible in her possession • Abuna, a priest faced with an aging congregation and constant threats to his beloved church• and many more.Secret Believers not only gives readers a glimpse of the lives of these courageous believers, it also proposes four practical initiatives for Christians in the West to help these persecuted brothers and sisters. It calls us to join this new kind of jihad, leaving vengeance behind in favor of forgiveness, radical love, and unyielding prayer.

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