The Intercessory Prayer of Jesus

Priorities for Dynamic Christian Living

Warren W. Wiersbe
Wiersbe, Warren W.

Baker Publishing Group (publisher)

Warren Wiersbe addresses the most pressing concerns of Christian living, including developing an effective prayer life, understanding salvation, making disciples, becoming mature in Christ, and balancing truth and love."Jesus' prayer recorded in John 17 has been called the greatest prayer ever uttered. Now one of America's most respected Bible teachers, Warren Wiersbe, mines the Lord's petition for its rich theological and practical gems. The intercessory prayer reveals Jesus' priorities and concerns as he faced the final hours before his death. By studying this prayer, Christians can learn what was most important to Jesus and make his priorities their own. The Intercessory Prayer Of Jesus addresses the most pressing concerns of contemporary Christian living, including understanding salvation, making disciples, utilizing spiritual resources, become mature in Christ, creating a genuine community of believers, and balancing truth and love. The result is an expository and devotional study reflecting the doctrinal integrity and relevant teachings of Jesus' prayer recorded some two thousand years ago--and still very much relevant to Christian life today."--Midwest Book Review

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