What Did Jesus Drive

Crisis PR in Cars, Computers and Christianity

Jason H. Vines

Waldorf Publishing (publisher)

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Ever wonder what it would be like to work Public Relations for Ford, or General Motors? Imagine a thousand cameras flashing in your eyes through a forest of microphones, everyone millions of dollars and world-wide headlines riding on your every word as you try to navigate your company through crisis, time and time again. It s not for the faint of heart... But it does make for one entertaining memoir! Welcome to the life of Jason Vines, the man who preserved the good name of Ford/Firestone, Jeep, General Motors, Nissan, Chevy, and other mega-companies throughout one catastrophe after the next. In Vines candid first book, What Did Jesus Drive , you ll hear about all the trials, tribulations, hilarity, and heartbreak of being a master PR consultant straight from the man with the silver tongue himself! Outrageous as it is insightful, shocking as it is refreshing; What Did Jesus Drive will have you laughing yourself hoarse all the while teaching you how to keep your cool with IT hits the fan! This isn t the PR class you took in Business School! And relax; this is not a book about Jesus. (Although he does appear in two chapters: first as a Hispanic grandfather from Waterford, Michigan, and later as the real Prince of Peace.) No, this book is about a life in the public relations blast furnace of the automotive industry; being the only man on the front line. If you re a company owner, CEO, PR professional, the lessons and stories in this book are INVALUABLE for you and everyone in your PR department! Even if you re just somebody who enjoys a look into the wild ride in the world of corporate America, this book is for you.

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