Music Soothes the Soul

Matthew Bernstein

Waldorf Publishing (publisher)

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Matthew Bernstein started his career as a staff writer for Oregon Music News at age 13. He wrote Music Soothes the Soul as a music-soothes-the-soul-cover high school student, completing it during his senior year. The book is based on his popular weekly Oregon Music News series called, “Music on the Street.”

Music Soothes the Soul features engaging stories from seventy musicians, artists, scientists and entrepreneurs who show how music can positively impact our lives. These personal narratives demonstrate that music truly is a universal language.

Music Soothes the Soul reveals the worlds of famous celebrities as well as those who work behind the scenes. Discover how Gene Simmons, Chaka Khan, Dave Wakeling, Riker Lynch, and other artists got their start. Appreciate how nonprofits like Road Recovery and Guitars Not Guns help at-risk youth find emotional strength through making music. Get a peek backstage from musicians who play with Carlos Santana, Beyoncé, and Prince. Learn about performing on reality TV. Music inspired each story and this book tells why.

Matthew appreciates the benefits music offers. He plays the piano and guitar. He also sings in school choirs, as well as the Pacific Youth Choir. Music Soothes the Soul makes music a sharable gift with every purchase. All proceeds from book sales will be donated to the Fender Music Foundation, a leading nonprofit music charity that provides instruments to music programs nationwide. As a musician and writer, Matthew is committed to promoting the positive rewards that come from music.

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