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Remember the Prisoners

He Came To Set The Captives Free

Reverend Joaquin R. Larriba

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"Remember The Prisoners" is a brave and undiluted transparency chronicling the events in the life of a man, like so many others, who's fears and insecurities lead him far from home. Alone and imprisoned, he ultimately finds freedom in the very place designed to represent its forfeiture. There, The Holy Spirit would lead him on a courageous journey of redemption and reveal to him the true identity of The Son of God.

This book has the ability to bridge the gap between the incarcerated and the loved one(s) left behind by affording a glimpse into the heart of a rescued soul. There is hope for the prisoner and this book shares that hope through good old-fashioned story telling and a scholarly approach to scripture. Revelatory insight brings a fresh interpretation to the Christian world view in a time such as this."

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