Affirmations for Family Caregivers

Harriet Hodgson
Harriet Hodgson

BQB/WriteLife Publishing (publisher)

Harriet Hodgson has cared for three generations of family members—her mother, husband, and twin grandchildren. The affirmations in this book come from Harriet’s eighteen years of caregiving experience, with more years to come. In 2013 her husband’s aorta dissected and he had three emergency operations. Surgeons managed to save her husband’s life, but he suffered a spinal stroke during the last operation, and his legs are paralyzed. Hodgson is his caregiver and, when she needed a boost, she started writing affirmations. Once she started, Hodgson couldn't stop writing them, and a few dozen grew into the hundreds in this collection. “Affirmations are a form of self-care,” Hodgson explains. “Reading an affirmation in the morning can set the tone for your caregiving day.”

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