Get Your Teenager Talking

Everything You Need to Spark Meaningful Conversations

Jonathan McKee
McKee, Jonathan

Baker Publishing Group (publisher)

Are you and your favorite teenager having too many conversations like this?"How was school?""Fine.""Soccer practice?""Same as always.""Anything interesting happen today?""Nope.""Nice talking with you!"Let's face it. Teenagers have a PhD in one-word answers . . . if we don't ask the right questions. In this book, veteran youth expert Jonathan McKee shares 180 creative discussion starters to help teens open up about issues that matter. You'll also find tips for interpreting their responses and follow-up questions. From light-hearted to more serious, these conversation springboards will encourage even the most reluctant teen to talk about friends, school, values, struggles, and much more."The perfect tool for connecting with today's teenagers."--Dr. Kevin Leman, author of Have a New Teenager by Friday"Few people understand the teenage world like Jonathan McKee. This book is one of the most helpful and practical tools I have ever seen to get teenagers talking with their parents about important topics."--Jim Burns, PhD, author of Teenology: The Art of Raising Great Teenagers and Confident Parenting

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