What a Girl Needs From Her Mom

Cheri Fuller
Fuller, Cheri

Baker Publishing Group (publisher)

Mystified by the situations girls face today?There's a good reason, Mom. Our girls are growing up in a completely different world than we did. But whether your daughter is very young or a teenager, you can equip yourself with the wisdom and practical help she needs for the pressures and decisions ahead.With keen insight and warm encouragement, Cheri Fuller shares how you can become a more welcome influence at every stage in your daughter's life. Drawing from her own experiences and the expertise of others, Cheri answers all the top questions, including:"How can I help my girl avoid the dangers of social media and navigate the digital world?""How can I counter society's unhealthy messages about body image and sexuality?"How can I help my daughter (and me!) deal with her emotional ups and downs?""What are the best ways to instill good values?""How can I help her grow a firm faith in God?"Filled with trustworthy suggestions, this book will help you steer your daughter toward becoming a healthy, confident young woman.Includes Reflection Questions for Personal or Group UseGreat for understanding granddaughters, too!

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