Healing Your Past, Releasing Your Future

Discover the Roots of Your Problems, Experience Healing and Breakthrough to Your God-given Destiny

Catherine Cahill Fabiano
Frank P. Fabiano
John Sandford
Fabiano, Catherine Cahill
Fabiano, Frank P.
Sandford, John

Baker Publishing Group (publisher)

God has a plan and a purpose for every person's life--a divine destiny. Yet many people are stuck, arrested in their spiritual development, because of problems in their emotional development. In Healing Your Past, Releasing Your Future, readers will explore the developmental process that forms the human personality and discover the impact, both positive and negative, of trauma at each stage of development. They'll connect the dots between their childhood hurts and their adult "stuckness" and be gently guided toward total healing and restoration in Christ. Based on sound doctrine and solid research, this book will offer healing to any reader with a wounded past, freeing them to move into the future God has planned all along.

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