Different Drummer

Bold Thinking for the Rebellious Creative

Erik Lokkesmoe

Elevate Publishing (publisher)

Broke and broken-hearted don’t need to be your destiny. Neither do flat sales or frustrated teams. These bleak outcomes stem from doing what’s always been done, but this book is for those who believe in different.
Regardless of whether you are alone or the leader of a major organization, you are that person who simply cannot shake the belief that doing the same things you’ve always done won’t work anymore.
Here’s the good news. It’s not too late. In fact, you’re early—you’re thinking about this now. You can still avoid the “squeeze the blood from the turnip” mindset and the fear of what’s coming next quarter. Different has and always will be the differentiator for individuals, ideas, and industries.
Are you a different maker?Do you criticize by creating?Do you see things others don't?You play an essential role, now more than ever. Different Drummer is for those who never want to be the same.

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