I Believe in Heaven

Real Stories from the Bible, History and Today

Cecil Murphey
Twila Belk
Murphey, Cecil
Belk, Twila

Baker Publishing Group (publisher)

What is heaven like?When I die, will I go immediately to heaven?Will I see my loved ones there?Have you ever asked these questions? Maybe you can only imagine the answers, but now you can better know what to expect. I Believe in Heaven contains inspirational, true stories from the Bible, history and today that will give you hope, comfort and assurance about the place that awaits you. You'll read . . .• Firsthand accounts of people who died and returned to tell their stories• Biblical and historical evidence of life beyond this life• Consistent reports of overwhelming peace, love and joy in another realm• Insights into what happens in our final days and hours here on earth• Trustworthy answers to questions people have about the after-life

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