Philadelphia Proverbs

Wisdom and Everyday Life

Brett L. Brooks

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Words are made to mold, make and re-shape the reader. There is a basic blueprint to one’s soul designed by his Maker. Things touched upon, that is to say, sympathetic to the soul’s blueprint tend to disturb or excite centers of awareness in the reader. One’s individual soul is essentially aware of “Who” their Father is. Words or actions displaying God-given talent stimulate the hearer. It is for this reason that whenever a person’s “gift” is on display countless other souls will pay any amount of money to witness the demonstration of that gift. A singer’s voice, an athlete’s physical prowess on the field, the stroke of an artist’s brush upon the canvass, and yes, also the arrangement of words on parchment. An audience “draws” from the exercise of another’s “gift” an essence that cannot be described in words, but that, nonetheless, excites and revitalizes the recipient. So it is, the gift of words are made to mold, make and re-shape the reader. Words that transcend the ordinary plateau of a man’s thoughts elevate his being. Philadelphia Proverbs may accomplish just that.

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