The 7 Pillars of a Legacy Minded Man

Joe Pellegrino
Jack Redmond
Pellegrino, Joe
Redmond, Jack

Broadstreet Publishing (publisher)

Jesus did not only come to save us from our sins. He came so that we could, through His divine power, build a new and different life in Him. All men must ask themselves two questions:What foundation am I building my life on?What is my game plan to win in life and build my legacy? Transformed leads men to build the strongest foundation possible. Whether building a house or stronger muscles, the effort requires time, energy, and a plan. Transformed provides a 7-step game plan that will help men win in life and build a strong legacy for generations to come. Prayer strengthens your relationship with God.Persona (who you really are) is discovered through relationship.Purity maintains unbroken relationship with God as your leader.Purpose is discovered under God’s leadership.Priorities bring focus to live your purpose.Perseverance pushes you to never give up.Power is unleashed as you live out the first 6 pillars.Do not live with without a strategy. Focusing on these pillars will help you become a legacy-minded man and will result in a life of lasting impact. Choose transformation today and discover the victory God has for you.  

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