Peace, Love n' Mud

Kraig Geiger

Waldorf Publishing (publisher)

Set against the rainy, muddy back drop known as the Woodstock '94 Music & Art Fair, Peace, Love n' Mud tells the not-so-classic story about a young boy, who despite hailing from a damaged family, must over come the insurmountable odds stacked against him. Don't let the name fool you, there's more to Peace, Love n' Mud than one could ever imagine. Sure, the back drop to this multifaceted read takes place in North Miami Beach, Florida, and Saugerties, New York, during the Woodstock '94 Music & Art Fair, where Kraig Geiger, the novel's author and protagonist, recounts this true story. Beginning generations ago, Kraig treats his readers to a thoughtful and insightful look at the "how's" and "why's" of his situation. Despite his continual attempts of finding love at home, Kraig endures a childhood filled with negativity. But don't despair--after all, Kraig doesn't. Instead, he finds and ultimately uses his passions along with an unwavering amount of persistence on his path to salvation. Peace, Love n' Mud is a book about strength, pain, loss, love, hope, faith, lust, music, art, belief, and beauty. Peace, Love n' Mud is for anyone who dares to dream, but is not afraid to live in reality

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