Knowing God's Voice

Learn How to Hear God Above the Chaos of Life and Respond Passionately in Faith

Kenneth C. Ulmer
Phil Pringle
Ulmer, Kenneth C.
Pringle, Phil

Baker Publishing Group (publisher)

If you are doing all of the talking, it is likely that you will not hear what others have to say, let alone gain from their counsel, insight, and wisdom. If this is true with humans, isn't it even more so with God? It is difficult sometimes--in our era of financial collapse, ongoing war, and increasing alienation from each other--to feel confident that the Almighty takes a personal interest in our lives. Knowing God's Voice is the assurance so many people are waiting for: God is interested. He has a lot to say! Readers will learn to discern God's voice from the background noise of internal anxiety and external circumstances, and to trust His guidance and revelation even in trying times. God is speaking to His people, if only they will have ears to hear!

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