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The Pipe and the Pulpit

Dr. Basha P. Jordan, Jr., D.Min.

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"There are untold numbers of Americans, especially those in religious institutions, who are suffering in silence from the disease of addiction, primarily drugs and alcohol. Professionals, including pastors, who have money, power and prestige, can get caught up in any addiction and think it will not happen to them because of their position. Their families go through living hell because someone in the house has a drug or alcohol problem and they don’t know what to do.

The Pipe and the Pulpit tells the true story of an addicted, inner -city, highly educated, pastor who got caught up in alcohol and cocaine abuse but found hope and deliverance through a tried and proven way. This book is for the addicted and their families, especially in the church, and want help. Fasten your traditional, religious, seatbelt for the non-traditional, Spiritual ride of your life for deliverance. There is Hope for you!"

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