You Are Driving Me Crazy!

June Bratcher

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On September 8, 1980, with the family phone, the Yellow Pages, an old manual typewriter, and $200 she had saved from the grocery money, forty-eight-year-old June Bratcher started her company from the kitchen table. In You Are Driving Me Crazy!, she shares the story of the creation of Daisy Tours, a bus tour company with twenty-six coaches now worth $6 million.

Bratcher relates her own experiences, how she recognized her opportunities, how she achieved her goals, and how she coped when failure loomed. You Are Driving Me Crazy!, presents a personal story of building her business to become one of the top fifty companies in San Antonio, Texas. She tells tales of romance, suicide, robbery, sexual harassment, and international intrigue as well as glorious joy and deep despair.

For enterprising entrepreneurs and those considering going into business, Bratcher discusses the anatomy of building a successful business while overcoming many challenges in a field considered to be a man's world.

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