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The Fake Crystal Diamond

Nonyelu Anyichie

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Romance alone cannot exclusively fulfill all of a person's needs—in fact, alone it can simply lead someone to fall into unconsciousness. As love is a universal emotion and something that all cultures need and want, cultivating other aspects of a relationship—devotion, friendship, commitment, trust, reliability, unselfishness, and support—can make true love truly attainable. The Fake Crystal Diamond involves real lives across continents and cultures—lives dedicated to finding and keeping love and intimate relationships through all their joyful moments and disappointments. While there are stories of fake diamonds and fake loves—relationships that can shock and hurt—there is also the quest for real relationships and marriage based on shared values and beliefs. Although in our narcissistic culture individuals seeking love tend to think the world revolves around their own selfish desires and wants, by turning from mere romance to cultivating the deeper values at the heart of true love, we can discover that even in this modern world there is a hope for an everlasting relationship.

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