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Mending of a Broken Heart

The Nature of Meaning and the Purpose that Gives Life Hope

James Michael Castleton, MD

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Mending of a Broken Heart: The Nature of Meaning and the Purpose that Gives Life Hope speaks with a distinctive and evocative voice. It brings to the world of words and the thoughts they convey the unique experiences of a man struggling to pass through the deeps of loss and to emerge with a trustworthy grasp on life's meaning and purpose. The author, James Michael Castleton, an award-winning physician, shares his journey in both prose and poetry. The blend captures the nature of life-sometimes lyrical and mystical and majestic, yet often prosaic and focused on finding a path upon which one can place each foot in turn, just to make one's way through the day.

Mending of a Broken Heart does not shy away from life's sharp edges or from exploring how they strike at the roots of relationships. As Dr. Castleton notes in beginning his reflections,

We are born with a broken heart,

Born with a sorrow we can only later articulate,

Born missing the most essential aspect of what we need to live a fulfilling life ...

Born without a sense of meaning.

Mending of a Broken Heart explains the distinctions between happiness and meaning and explores how having a valid purpose and holding to true hope contribute to giving meaning to one's life.

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. Truly spoken from the heart! The importance of a relationship with God for the powerful mending of the heart. The book is powerful and poetic. Loved it!

Written by Sue Nehme on Mar 10, 2017

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