Building Faith Through A Carpenter's Hands

Brandon Russell
Danielle A. Vann

Waldorf Publishing (publisher)

Growing up in the charming South, Brandon Russell didn't realize what life had in store for him. A chance meeting planted the seed that would forever change his course. Graduating from college armed with the lofty goal to change the world, Brandon tells the story of how he came to know fame. It wasn't until Brandon lost his father to cancer did he realize his father's actual tools would give him his true calling in life. While finishing his parent's basement, Brandon began to see God's plan unfold. Through his life experiences, a near brush with death on September 11, 2001, landing the role that helped shape D-I-Y television, and coming to terms with his calling, Brandon imparts the wisdom he has gained by fully surrendering to faith.
Each life experience is wrapped into an action plan called "The Tools of the Toolbox" to help you create and start living your best life today!

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